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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unique ways to see the changes. ..

Change is the Core Element for GROWTH. ...

We are all aware of this fact but we can rarely accept changes.

Change can be mentally and /or physically but each has its importance in given areas. Children change both the ways to turn into an adult. An adult changes mentally time to time as he matures and we do make physical changes in our environment to upgrade our lifestyles. ...soo it thus is an universal truth that growth requires changes.

The above mentioned changes seem normal but at physical level its more acceptable than at mental and emotional levels.

These internal changes that happen within a person often has an impact on his /her surroundings as in relationships.

It's the stillness people live with when relationship s are concerned as we feel that we need to be in control of the said relationship and thus the change shaken our inner selves. But......if an individual grows there are bound to be changes in that person .How can a person not change as life is a teacher with its varied experience s that has to influence each one to further growth.
The issue usually is when only one grows at a different speed as compared to the other that they dont find themselves on the same page and there the flexibility to that changed individual becomes challenging.

These are some commonly seen changes we find hard to accept let's have a different perspective to these:

1. A child growing up to take independent decision often make parents worried as the protective parent within is always insecured ... try and make yourself recollect the same old days you had; also as you have learnt from your life let your child learn that way too.
Also by letting him learn by committing mistakes he is finally taking the responsibility of his /her life.

2. Old parents when get attention seeking adopt the same strategy they did when we demanded attention as kids. ....distracting them to their unrealised dreams and hobbies as they now also listen to your suggestions thus they cannot deny.
It works as giving them happy moments without hurting them.

3. Relationships that started at a same age like friends , spouses etc should try and grow together or if not then if other ones growth is respected then there is acceptability maintained in the relationship.

Let's try doing this....might work....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story created by Eyes. ...

She looked into his eyes and felt a sweet tingle within and it was just a journey; but on departure she avoided eye contact with him to hide the silly feeling within. After all it wasn't right to fall in love at first sight was what she thought. ....

That's how a story can start....stories aren't always fictional ....there are ways and means to understand someone, like someone ;but a look of purity can totally mesmerize the soul as if it's a message given by the universe.

Science never explained the expressions as a function of eyes . But eyes see things at a physical level and SPEAK VOLUMES at soul level.When some who lack oratory skills are one of the types who can express exact emotions via eyes; its for the readers to read right.

Love and pain are most commonly expressed emotions but these are also most commonly felt.

Its an entire world of unspoken words yet expressed all and thrilling to communicate with those treasured within souls when no word will ever mean the same.

Share your experiences of eye to eye expression to enhance this fact.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Relationship Requisites...Really????

Relationship ;we all are born with.....
If no one then at least parents and this universe. Have we realised that moment an individual is born there are set rules attached to that soul for existence and all those born who cannot abide by them are discarded.
Underdeveloped or completely dependant state which some souls are are unfortunately not welcomed well and segregated in society as the rules aren't applicable to those.
Even among normal people all those who do not abide by the rules set to be in that xyz relationship are secluded.

In a way all the souls are connected to one another by a chord but on a human level only USEFULNESS IS ACCEPTABLE . That fact is clearly noticed when couples decide to have kids and the moment child is born is attached list of do's and don't s to be able to be liked and accepted by all.

In spite of all levied rules and regulations why are natural relationship s too not sustained at times when children dont care for old parents or even if they do there is grumble within.

The fact remains that forcibly trying to create love, responsibility using rules of relationship can never ever show the desired outcome but rather letting the individual be and let people CARE OUT OF SENSITIVITY Not RESPONSIBILITY.

CAN WE ALL START BY TEACHING KIDS SENSITIVITY which can even create a more voluntarily accepted responsibility ..

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Friensdhip is beautiful don't make it dutiful

We all have best friends , right?
Whats so cool about best friends ..
NO FORMALITIES. .....and that means NO RULES AND REGULATIONS to govern the relationship. ...
That's exactly the reason every other relationship if it has an essence of friendship will be much stronger then its original state.
But on the other hand if friendship takes over as a relationship namely like siblings or real life couples, it often looses it's   charm and becomes burdensome.

Its very important to realise that friendship is most wanted bond and others aren't as much for a simple reason being others involve set of duty that takes away or fades its original beauty. 

Let the person you like so much just be .

Friends are to complete you not to be a copy of you. 

Kinjal Pandya ...friends video #flipagram ♫ Music: Moviendo Caderas - Yandel ft Daddy Yankee made with @flipagram.

Monday, March 16, 2015

WE ALL ...give and take....LIKE IT OR NOT.

We all heart of hearts want to GIVE in public and TAKE in secret.
The truth is when while taking we feel LOW and while giving we feel HIGH .
The reality is NO ONE CAN EXIST WITHOUT GIVING AND TAKING.  They are both UNIVERSAL TRUTHS which no being can deny.
At times when a philanthropist has to also TAKE from somewhere to help others. When we feel we keep taking and don't voluntarily give back to the society after benefitting substantially there are natural ways when they become GIVERS without even realisation and at times with bitter realisation (when they are duped, cheated etc)
Will it not be better if we keep NO EGO s In TAKING where we have to and SIMULTANEOUSLY GIVE happily to give back a portion that we have received from the society? ???
We Take Education Give Back in various forms like Innovation, health,education, etc but at times something s that we get which are priceless and should be Definitely given back like LOVE,FRIENDSHIP, KINDNESS,COMPASSION, ETC.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RACISM? ??DON'T DENY....We All Are Racists

Racism doesn't come naturally by birth but yet UNFORTUNATELY ,we all are Racists.
I was wondering why do we have to fill in the coloumn of caste,community, religion for places like academics ,health or wherever. It was a soft realisation when my child asked me how we belong to xyz caste make a difference ????
Indeed ! The column asking such details itself is to raise DIFFERENCES. We Humans love segregation to the extent we have segregated our human values too.

Any crime from Rape To Terrorism takes place Only and Only due to racist attitude within an individual or group.
We all to our social extent as well are very much racists. We all are members of abc community not only to celebrate good times but indirectly to show biased behaviour towards others.
Its highly appreciating to see certain communities extending helping hands to people but AGAIN !!!HELPING ON PRIORITY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE OF SAME COMMUNITY? ???Sad but true Human values are showcased differently for different humans and then we claim to Be Humans who HELP.
The upbringing is most important to implant certain HUMANE Traits and later an individual can decide for self but preaching that Each One Has a Supreme caste ,community, relogion,colour,gender etc is also RACISM by itself.
Laws alone cannot bring peace if there is hidden anger and complex for other beings around.
Think about it!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mirroring Me .....

Mirror, Mirror tell me the truth........
Most of us have heard this statement from a fairy tale as kids and forgotten all about it.
Now when we face the mirror we dont verbalise this statement but we still convince ourselves about the way we look to feel completely approachable to the world outside.
MIRROR indeed is very important to see our reflection and make a judgement about self......then why not Mirror our mental self too???
There's an inbuilt mirror in each of us to give us a fair view of our selves...the difference being we need to close our eyes to see that image.
The self view is nothing but to truly gather our Personna ,approach; self worth and analyse the individual we are.

SELF ANALYSIS a therapy by itself eventually not only resolves hidden issues but also helps our journey towards self actualization. ...

Lets all Help Self and Feel The Magic!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

WE men or Women. ..should be the same! !!!!

WE ....What's this WE?????
Is it Women or We Men????

On this International Women's Day, I wish to raise this question to one and all ???
Is it a good sign to have a DAY dedicated to the creation of the Universe and to that Creation who is an important source for further creation of human species.

Its rather not an equality portrayed if one gender needs a special day to make people understand their existence and importance.

The basic issue with we humans is that we FEAR others overpowering us and we usually play a very bad game of suppression of other beings around and feel winner.

If the fact is accepted that MAN & WOMAN union can make wonders and that only is the ultimate feel of oneness  then Why Not Take each other as EQUAL COMPETITION to enhance more of personal and societal growth ????

The so called old cold war between the genders and differences  created generations ago has unfortunately taken deep roots to ruin the power that could be created if we can see beyond the BODY ..... and there lies the similarity
So here I end this post NOT with Happy Woman's Day BUT rather

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love Making Or Lust Making

What people call as LOVE MAKING is basically LUST +LOVE. Physical Intimacy is necessarily part of LUST...which is not worth criticism as its a pushing factor for expression of LOVE at physical level.
LOVE without Lust is unfortunately nor understood neither given any importance to.....
LOVE is essentially not only for personal pleasure and gives more importance to feeling ONE while into the intimate moment and rest all just happens but it's Lust which says something but means something else....I.e.Lust says Its Love but focuses on personal pleasure at physical levels and the practical example of the same is marriages which get sour in absence of Lust from one of the partners......
The Human Need chart also reflects clearly as Lust form of love (sexual intercourse) as a physical need but Love as FEELING INTIMATE is a higher need and as HUMANS we necessarily upgrade our selves towards self actualization and Love here is an important milestone to cover...
LUST is purely physical /biological/harmonal
LOVE is emotional / selfless/ union of two people into oneness. 
SO many of you have experienced oneness without even a bit of thought given to personal physical satisfaction is a question to be answered to realise our needs at soul level.