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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RACISM? ??DON'T DENY....We All Are Racists

Racism doesn't come naturally by birth but yet UNFORTUNATELY ,we all are Racists.
I was wondering why do we have to fill in the coloumn of caste,community, religion for places like academics ,health or wherever. It was a soft realisation when my child asked me how we belong to xyz caste make a difference ????
Indeed ! The column asking such details itself is to raise DIFFERENCES. We Humans love segregation to the extent we have segregated our human values too.

Any crime from Rape To Terrorism takes place Only and Only due to racist attitude within an individual or group.
We all to our social extent as well are very much racists. We all are members of abc community not only to celebrate good times but indirectly to show biased behaviour towards others.
Its highly appreciating to see certain communities extending helping hands to people but AGAIN !!!HELPING ON PRIORITY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE OF SAME COMMUNITY? ???Sad but true Human values are showcased differently for different humans and then we claim to Be Humans who HELP.
The upbringing is most important to implant certain HUMANE Traits and later an individual can decide for self but preaching that Each One Has a Supreme caste ,community, relogion,colour,gender etc is also RACISM by itself.
Laws alone cannot bring peace if there is hidden anger and complex for other beings around.
Think about it!!!!