Seek within....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story created by Eyes. ...

She looked into his eyes and felt a sweet tingle within and it was just a journey; but on departure she avoided eye contact with him to hide the silly feeling within. After all it wasn't right to fall in love at first sight was what she thought. ....

That's how a story can start....stories aren't always fictional ....there are ways and means to understand someone, like someone ;but a look of purity can totally mesmerize the soul as if it's a message given by the universe.

Science never explained the expressions as a function of eyes . But eyes see things at a physical level and SPEAK VOLUMES at soul level.When some who lack oratory skills are one of the types who can express exact emotions via eyes; its for the readers to read right.

Love and pain are most commonly expressed emotions but these are also most commonly felt.

Its an entire world of unspoken words yet expressed all and thrilling to communicate with those treasured within souls when no word will ever mean the same.

Share your experiences of eye to eye expression to enhance this fact.