Seek within....

Monday, March 16, 2015

WE ALL ...give and take....LIKE IT OR NOT.

We all heart of hearts want to GIVE in public and TAKE in secret.
The truth is when while taking we feel LOW and while giving we feel HIGH .
The reality is NO ONE CAN EXIST WITHOUT GIVING AND TAKING.  They are both UNIVERSAL TRUTHS which no being can deny.
At times when a philanthropist has to also TAKE from somewhere to help others. When we feel we keep taking and don't voluntarily give back to the society after benefitting substantially there are natural ways when they become GIVERS without even realisation and at times with bitter realisation (when they are duped, cheated etc)
Will it not be better if we keep NO EGO s In TAKING where we have to and SIMULTANEOUSLY GIVE happily to give back a portion that we have received from the society? ???
We Take Education Give Back in various forms like Innovation, health,education, etc but at times something s that we get which are priceless and should be Definitely given back like LOVE,FRIENDSHIP, KINDNESS,COMPASSION, ETC.