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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love Making Or Lust Making

What people call as LOVE MAKING is basically LUST +LOVE. Physical Intimacy is necessarily part of LUST...which is not worth criticism as its a pushing factor for expression of LOVE at physical level.
LOVE without Lust is unfortunately nor understood neither given any importance to.....
LOVE is essentially not only for personal pleasure and gives more importance to feeling ONE while into the intimate moment and rest all just happens but it's Lust which says something but means something else....I.e.Lust says Its Love but focuses on personal pleasure at physical levels and the practical example of the same is marriages which get sour in absence of Lust from one of the partners......
The Human Need chart also reflects clearly as Lust form of love (sexual intercourse) as a physical need but Love as FEELING INTIMATE is a higher need and as HUMANS we necessarily upgrade our selves towards self actualization and Love here is an important milestone to cover...
LUST is purely physical /biological/harmonal
LOVE is emotional / selfless/ union of two people into oneness. 
SO many of you have experienced oneness without even a bit of thought given to personal physical satisfaction is a question to be answered to realise our needs at soul level.