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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Relationship Requisites...Really????

Relationship ;we all are born with.....
If no one then at least parents and this universe. Have we realised that moment an individual is born there are set rules attached to that soul for existence and all those born who cannot abide by them are discarded.
Underdeveloped or completely dependant state which some souls are are unfortunately not welcomed well and segregated in society as the rules aren't applicable to those.
Even among normal people all those who do not abide by the rules set to be in that xyz relationship are secluded.

In a way all the souls are connected to one another by a chord but on a human level only USEFULNESS IS ACCEPTABLE . That fact is clearly noticed when couples decide to have kids and the moment child is born is attached list of do's and don't s to be able to be liked and accepted by all.

In spite of all levied rules and regulations why are natural relationship s too not sustained at times when children dont care for old parents or even if they do there is grumble within.

The fact remains that forcibly trying to create love, responsibility using rules of relationship can never ever show the desired outcome but rather letting the individual be and let people CARE OUT OF SENSITIVITY Not RESPONSIBILITY.

CAN WE ALL START BY TEACHING KIDS SENSITIVITY which can even create a more voluntarily accepted responsibility ..