Seek within....

Saturday, February 28, 2015


We all have sentiments but why do they have a cursing effect????
Its when they are only for SELF and OVER ABSORPTION of these emotional phases. .
Its SENSITIVITY that's the HUMAN NEED and Let's Nurture that. .
The video explains the difference between SENSITIVE AND SENTIMENTAL.
Are You Sensitive or Sentimental? By Ms. Kinjal Pandya HELP TALKS Video:

Monday, February 23, 2015

No grudge!

Labels!!! Most common trait of human beings is to randomly start labelling and tagging someone at least they have known. 

The most important life skill I learnt while pursuing my Counselling Psychology Studies was perhaps the art of being non judgemental and the benefits derived from the same.

Having said that No,I am not free of opinions but because professionally I need to be judgement free I realised and noticed practically everyone has some tagging done for someone they know.
Having any good or bad experience with XYZ is only an event and not necessarily the truth. The day we all probably understand this reality we can refrain ourselves from being opinionated. 

It's human to share experiences and draw conclusions but the fact is we often try and rate people matching with our personalities and circumstances and the ultimate truth is EACH PERSONALITY & SITUATION IS UNIQUE thus its Sad and Irrational to form Grudge And trying to JUDGE.
Let's all try and just let people BE to enjoy We Being what we are!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Have guts to follow the GUT ?????

Gut has no logic......
Mind has its reasoning power..
Thus.. The Intelligent Human that we consider ourselves as has started to become more and more rational each day.
Its indeed a development of mind but are we forgetting that Uncertainties can never be explained by convincing logic and we all face these at various points in life.
So what's right thing to do ???? Can we really be full proof in safeguarding all our needs especially being HAPPY only by using LOGIC??
Sadly NO.
Gut feeling is the Intuition that each one of us has ...we get this intuitive thought while your rationale mind rests but how many of us will go by this? ?? Unfortunately we have never shown the courage to follow this intuitive mind ...if people do ..majority of emotional and mental disharmony will be vanished. ..
Try reading your thoughts and believe them as that's where rests peace!
Look within. ....

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Self discipline or emotional negligence ???

And good work starts with self discipline....but....
There's a thin line between self discipline and emotional neglect.
Isn't it natural to ignore certain  emotional moments that we want to express out completely. It is this discipline that also acts as a line of control to loose out totally into emotional blows. The imposition of STRICT SELF DISCIPLINE creates an illusion on the self that he/she  can seldom go wrong or face uncertainties as they are very alert and agile.
This illusionary feel can face some hard facts when the emotional neglect of the self disciplined person can make people feel MENTALLY,PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY drained out.
Its thus a thought to ponder over that Discipline is to achieve set GOALS but emotions can aid to progress if they are expressed!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Want to be loved?learn to love the unwanted ....

As valentines day nears more couples emerge as all those who aspired to be with someone wouldn't want to go alone especially on valentines.
The thought that occurs to me is as the world celebrates the cupids day why is it so pressurising to individuals to be at a compulsion to get hooked on even if it is temporary. The superficial joy of being among the crowd that very celebration can leave you into a sad state later.
This is for all those singles who have an urge to be proposed by someone to be in relationship but are eventually not getting into one:
If you truly love yourself its seldom a compulsion to be loved by others.
And loving self can make others fall in love with you. ..
Most important -
Try spending the day and the money reserved for valentines with the underprivileged (who really seek love and compassion) and experience the joy to love ....the satisfied smiles given by you can be a more fruitful and divine experience to cherish ......

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Helping should be priceless!!!

Help!!! Sounds pitiful. Gives an impression that someone who is asking for help is in an inferior position. what do people at other hand do????

It's rather the individual approach to help people like some people help with vested interest to get something in return; some consider the act as highly philanthropic where as some take it as an opportunity to feel more superior. ....and if none of these reasons exist then very few people take the Courage and stand to extend that HELPING HAND.
Unfortunately the world and its survival needs have turned people into what they are but Real Humans the way we ACTUALLY are is the helpful being with no other selfish reason.
The spiritual fact of life is still that
Let's have the generous attitude to BE THE HUMAN WE ARE.....

Monday, February 2, 2015

How can we bring out the Desires into REALITIES ????


Deep down …there somewhere
Burning within is a fire
How can I define this??
Is it some hidden desire????

Wishes are long listed
Many are materialistic
But why this desire
Seems  more realistic???

I seldom  am able to express
To myself and this world
To rationalise is not easy though
But my heart knows I want it for sure

Each being seems like  a liar
Many have their selves they have hired
Why can we not admire
Those who live as they desire???

I but for sure know the force 
That is hidden in this Fire
Which can make all the elements  work
In fulfilment of MY DESIRE………


How is it that some people ACTUALLY get all that they DESIRE where as some are often DEJECTED...????

The Law Of Attraction works here  and it is not a very difficult process but its the way these desires are implanted into our minds.
Many a times when things don't work out as we have thought is mainly because the CONSCIOUS MIND  has a desire which is not fully accepted or registered into the VERY POWERFUL and DOMINANT....SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It is therefore this conflict between the conscious and the subconscious gives rise to the negativity and things don't materialize.

The Tip :

Any Desire that cannot give an individual a calm and peaceful feeling then its an indication of the subconscious mind that "BE CAREFUL....your desires are not matching up with mine "...and in such cases it should be modified for positive results.

A positive DESIRE will always show POSITIVE RESULTS.............