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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Friensdhip is beautiful don't make it dutiful

We all have best friends , right?
Whats so cool about best friends ..
NO FORMALITIES. .....and that means NO RULES AND REGULATIONS to govern the relationship. ...
That's exactly the reason every other relationship if it has an essence of friendship will be much stronger then its original state.
But on the other hand if friendship takes over as a relationship namely like siblings or real life couples, it often looses it's   charm and becomes burdensome.

Its very important to realise that friendship is most wanted bond and others aren't as much for a simple reason being others involve set of duty that takes away or fades its original beauty. 

Let the person you like so much just be .

Friends are to complete you not to be a copy of you. 

Kinjal Pandya ...friends video #flipagram ♫ Music: Moviendo Caderas - Yandel ft Daddy Yankee made with @flipagram.