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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Set you free and you are mine!

We come across thousands of people in our lives ....we forget some,  we become friends with a few and rest are all acquaintances but sometimes there we bang into an individual who can be neither be a plain acquaintance nor can remain just a friend and can neither be forgotten and can definitely not take any place in our lives as a societal do we deal with these soft areas in our lives? ???

First we find extremely hard to supress the emotional attachment that starts off as a wave and it's stormy effect can shaken up the well settled physical lives...then the phase comes which has a compelling idea to express it out without considering the consequences of the same on both individuals and their surroundings. is this testifying period that requires utmost endurance and self study to understand if that connect with a stranger is at which level...physical or emotional. ...given a loose end we are normal humans who can nothing but end up expressing it all at a physical level but the fact is it will fade away as soon as the physical connect is accomplished and very few such encounters find that spiritual connect....

To feel the soul and go beyond the superficial expression its very important to hold your affection within....selflessly love the other soul and let time express the strength that your bond shows and wouldn't care if you physically have that person with you or not...both of you will always be of prime importance for one another.
The insecured self of ours will never allow us to let go of that person but the astonishing and magical part is that if that is your twin soul ....(a connect at  soul level) you have that soul all yours once you set them free.
That's the most divine and peaceful feeling and you develop a new definition of LOVE.....

Saturday, April 25, 2015


In all cultures HISTORY is preserved too well...why ???not only the culture we belong to we also need to know about other cultures as in study their history. ..

It's a practice but why are historians not in as much demand as inventors especially the innovative creative minds? ??

As history has its limited but vital use in living present and designing future only upto an extent that past mistakes aren't repeated and past winning stategies could be further improvised it serves ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PURPOSE.

Similarly people who keep past wounds alive by pricking it at regular intervals is only pushing them more and more into the darkness of self mourning and narrowing the world upto their personal lives.

All those who are alive today have a YESTERDAY which was either good or bad but except its few glances it has no big use.
so that after extraction of useful ingredients it has to be trashed in the mental trash can for good.

Let's stop putting ourselves and many others into an agony by narration of past events as it steals away the present productivity. .


Make a mental or physical note of past smartness and foolishness and compartmentalise it accordingly for future formation. ....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Perfection is a Myth !!!

Picture perfect!!!
Yes,somewhere we all desire to be or to have a life which is flawless.
If not life,then at least there's a strong push and desire to create a PERFECT HUMAN CHARACTER of people around us.
I need not pick anyone else;it was a trait I have lived with.
Hard to believe for many readers here but yes talking about SELF on a platform that gives access to all is only the best way to explain this fact.
Living a life trying to create people and ambience to that picture perfect standards have taken a toll and inspite all the time and effort put I still couldn't achieve that satisfying state and was in constant stress and eventually loosing self confidence of not being able to achieve it all.

Better Late Than Never !!! Fortunately some wisdom entered into me and there was a timely realisation that PERFECTION IS A MYTH! And this fact is in itself  self explanatory . I am not too happy to see people going crazy over that perfect state as I know they are chasing an illusion.
Let's focus on children who are or who are made so perfect in their way by so called perfection striving parenting that if all goes well in their training there's something called as natural disasters which many a times play a villian in damaging that skillfully created perfect picture. We often forget that what we are trying to create best is after all LIFE ; that is beyond human control we really make it flawless????think about it..
Anything that is flawless is lifeless!!!!!
As life is bound to change and change means things and traits being misplaced. ...

Therefore, I learnt after some wastage of time but many spend their entire lives to create that perfection. .

Strive to achieve goals but let your goals be realistic and let's try to create a vision to see amazing thrill and beauty that imperfection can bring along.

Enjoy living an adventurous life !!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Self pity ???? A road to self destruction


Why Me?????
Is the question we often ask ourself after any unfortunate incident in our lives .That time we center our entire focus on the devastated self within and feel most unwanted ,undeserving element of this universe. Whether its an emotional hurt or a major physical or material loss or all of these we start to mourn over our poor little self.

By weeping out and crying over the episode we are essentially venting it out but one should try and not cross that thin line which takes us to that quick sand of darkness created within by us.

Many times our so called near and dear ones too after a period if try to shower us with their empathetic words which give rise to that pitiful state again there is a sign of caution here:::
Do not let any one intrude into that will power of yours which will help you live again.

Therefore here are few do's and don't s to prevent this SELF PITY in creating any road towards mental sickness and a BREATHING DEAD BODY:

Vent out the SADNESS created by an episode and look out for future opportunities.

The positive growth indicated with a negative incident is more important to applaud for.

Avoid meeting /talking  or encountering any medium which leads us to that sad moment again and which discourages your strength to live again/ fight again.

A bit of past:
Hellen keller had all the valid reason to give up the desire to live ....if she can live , give sumthing to this society ; most of us are in a much better state.

Stay happy ...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Deal With DEPRESSION Don't let it Dominate You!

If you can read this or not ....if u have emotions you can very well have depression once in lifetime.
If its not diagnosed it doesn't mean anyone has escaped it rather it means it was either ignored or not a clinical one to have surfaced.

This isn't an attempt to create havoc over DEPRESSION but a strong attempt at bringing upon an awareness to all existing on this planet that its not uncommon to feel depressed and how do we recognise it and effectively deal with the same.

THINKING TOO MUCH is directly related to ENCOUNTERING DEPRESSION.  That doesn't mean we stop thinking ...that's our UNIQUENESS of being humans but what we miss out on is that we do not realize the time our routine thoughts converted into depressed thoughts until we find ourselves :

Staying aloof
Not enjoying things we did before
Eating excessively too less or too much
Sleeping too less or too much
Feeling constantly anxious
Getting bouts of shame and guilt
Taking irrational decisions. ..

Some or all of the above signs which affects our routine functions are an indication that we are mentally over exhausted and it needs some focus.

Stigmatised attitude is not uncommon in any society towards many ailments especially mental ailments but then it's sad that people who stigmatise others feel they are fine ...infact that's a major SICKNESS which blocks minds of people with such narrow attitude.

Stigma issues are difficult but living with depression is even worst.Therefore, supporting and backing people with depression is an act of divinity as it leads to making someone Relive their lives.

Like well understood facts ,depressed people do feel that their creative or supremely different thoughts are not understood by others when they start to feel unwanted and it is thus required of others in society to have a sensitive outlook towards people and an alert mind which can not only prevent people feeling more down but can also provide right direction and encourage to take timely help and not for anyone but for all those who gave up the desire to live start LIVING EACH MOMENT.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some crazy instincts that influence sexual orientation

Its normal, natural for some people to have homosexual tendencies but not for many others;

In a strange case study of mine I get this client around 24 years old who is a victim to get converted into homosexual. In his sexual life as a result of over viewing of porn he ends up experimenting with an older woman who out of her hidden homosexual desires creates an addiction to this very much normal hetrosexual young man to sleep wearing women's inner wear . The sad part here was that this man started loosing his male traits while being intimate and was completely confused of his actual sexual tendencies.

In another study where few very over enthusiastic young couples who again due to over absorption of porn start all sorts of experiments not only amongst the two but also indulge into swapping , three some, etc which turns them from hetrosexual to bisexual and in many cases later some may prefer being homosexuals.

Now these kind of cases forced me to think as to whether homosexual cases are all natural or are they the result of some episodes or were they the victims of some crazy experiments ?????

Sexual tendency if not clear can create havoc within a person and therefore its very very sad and non ethical to victimise someone for personal fantasies and hamper someone's self esteem.