Seek within....

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unique ways to see the changes. ..

Change is the Core Element for GROWTH. ...

We are all aware of this fact but we can rarely accept changes.

Change can be mentally and /or physically but each has its importance in given areas. Children change both the ways to turn into an adult. An adult changes mentally time to time as he matures and we do make physical changes in our environment to upgrade our lifestyles. ...soo it thus is an universal truth that growth requires changes.

The above mentioned changes seem normal but at physical level its more acceptable than at mental and emotional levels.

These internal changes that happen within a person often has an impact on his /her surroundings as in relationships.

It's the stillness people live with when relationship s are concerned as we feel that we need to be in control of the said relationship and thus the change shaken our inner selves. But......if an individual grows there are bound to be changes in that person .How can a person not change as life is a teacher with its varied experience s that has to influence each one to further growth.
The issue usually is when only one grows at a different speed as compared to the other that they dont find themselves on the same page and there the flexibility to that changed individual becomes challenging.

These are some commonly seen changes we find hard to accept let's have a different perspective to these:

1. A child growing up to take independent decision often make parents worried as the protective parent within is always insecured ... try and make yourself recollect the same old days you had; also as you have learnt from your life let your child learn that way too.
Also by letting him learn by committing mistakes he is finally taking the responsibility of his /her life.

2. Old parents when get attention seeking adopt the same strategy they did when we demanded attention as kids. ....distracting them to their unrealised dreams and hobbies as they now also listen to your suggestions thus they cannot deny.
It works as giving them happy moments without hurting them.

3. Relationships that started at a same age like friends , spouses etc should try and grow together or if not then if other ones growth is respected then there is acceptability maintained in the relationship.

Let's try doing this....might work....