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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Know the truth but....NO to accept!

I KNOW  YOU !  This feel erupts in life at critical time when one bangs into a stranger in most unexpected situation and feels a CONNECT at SOUL level. The realization however happens when you are about to depart. The strange frequency that matches with someone where no other fact of life matches has an electrifying effect on both the people.
Its seldom seen anything ideal about such two souls that can match up to something in acceptable worldly norms but the invisible cord has a strong tie among both .
I have met many people who want to show case these ties and spend their lives with their twin souls which they have discovered but they often cannot as they are tied up in societal bonds. .THEN WHY DO PEOPLE ENCOUNTER ANY SUCH EXPERIENCE ?????

It's Very Simple,
People have these experiences to lift their spiritual levels up there..
Its very confusing thus let me explain;
Encountering such experiences when it cannot get any materialistic conversion or rather societal acceptance is a SIGN to start falling in SELFLESS LOVE..which an individual never does but such  a heart stirring feeling leaves one with no choice but to LOVE yet NOT DEMAND LOVE and give your best.
Isn't this a High Spiritual Experience By Itself????

Think about it....

This post demands individual comments and experience s.... 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Restless Souls....Burn out....helplessness.....

WHO ON EARTH MIGHT BE FREE FROM THE FEELINGS OF frustration, helplessness, sadness, etc...
These are few basic and very much NORMAL emotional phases humans go through.
Especially when dealing with a challenging job concerning self and loved ones at a point when efforts dont give us the expected results its ABSOLUTELY NORMAL to feel this way.
Difficulties would multiply if the burn out is not vented out ....

These are some simple ,easy to follow tips that can ease out this state....
1. Understanding that its very  much OK to get frustrated, sad,etc

2. To accept the myth that we are not SUPER HUMANS and face the fact of being NORMAL ONES.

3. Write down each event ,episode which gives rise to such feelings

4. Eventually you will be able to track down the root cause of these burn outs..

5. If nothing works do not feel ashamed and hesitant to talk to a mental health professional.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Emotional Intelligence can solve many issues.....lets try....

Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence) is a term that was first introduced by Daniel Goleman (one of the Originators) has proved that SUCCESS in PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL Life highly depends on the way a person manages his/her EMOTIONS .IQ contributes to 20% in Success whereas EQ is 80% responsible  for 
After this short video is a detail explanation on the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

Friday, January 16, 2015

I am the SPIRIT ...with a Human Body!
We all as HUMANS are so deeply absorbed in Human Body that we often forget the most crucial element that makes us enjoy all the Bodily Pleasures of this Human Being.Its Very Unfortunate that we only realise the importance of what makes Us what we are when we are about to loose it..

You guessed it right ..its this LIFE (Spirit)
If our body is blended with this SOUL for LIVING why not experience each act in routine to experience that spiritual self and there is no NEED to follow the conventional methods of attaining spirituality i.e. by meditating,chanting etc.

Follow these simple steps and feel your inner self.....
1)Go slow...enjoy each activity be it sipping your morning tea, jogging,reading,etc
2)Don't ignore or neglect your feelings....accept them...understand them
3)Do not take your chronological age so seriously ..encounter the child within from time to time
4)Relate to others happiness and sadness as your own to be true to yourself..


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Transpersonal Psychology

Spiritual Psychology By Ms. Kinjal Pandya HELP TA…:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Soulitude (soul with RIGHT attitude): Soul Goal or sole goal????

Soulitude (soul with RIGHT attitude): Soul Goal or sole goal????: There are times I am forced to think as to what is it that Man is craving for?????  Is it Money? ??? Sex???? Health ????  Family????...

Soul Goal or sole goal????

There are times I am forced to think as to what is it that Man is craving for????? 

Is it Money? ??? Sex???? Health ????  Family?????

All answers can be appropriate time to time but the question is what is the underlying element that is derived OR what is the force to RUN  behind or chase these ....

the answer is ............PEACE!!!!!!

How do we define this so called simple yet most rare intangible object PEACE?????

Peace in layman terms means " the feeling after accomplishment of set goals and targets ....absence of ANXIETY "

Why do people say "MAY HIS/HER SOUL REST IN PEACE "

One logic that explains this is that while ALIVE the soul is usually RESTLESS....
Thus why that HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIP ,Etc couldn't help in experiencing the eternal PEACE?????