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Saturday, March 7, 2015

WE men or Women. ..should be the same! !!!!

WE ....What's this WE?????
Is it Women or We Men????

On this International Women's Day, I wish to raise this question to one and all ???
Is it a good sign to have a DAY dedicated to the creation of the Universe and to that Creation who is an important source for further creation of human species.

Its rather not an equality portrayed if one gender needs a special day to make people understand their existence and importance.

The basic issue with we humans is that we FEAR others overpowering us and we usually play a very bad game of suppression of other beings around and feel winner.

If the fact is accepted that MAN & WOMAN union can make wonders and that only is the ultimate feel of oneness  then Why Not Take each other as EQUAL COMPETITION to enhance more of personal and societal growth ????

The so called old cold war between the genders and differences  created generations ago has unfortunately taken deep roots to ruin the power that could be created if we can see beyond the BODY ..... and there lies the similarity
So here I end this post NOT with Happy Woman's Day BUT rather