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Friday, June 26, 2015

Are we leading a reel life or real life?

Many a times we all would have heard somewhere that this life we have is a stage performance and that the almighty is the director. There are times when we encounter deaths ,we are all in a position to realise this fact and we understand that indeed we have this temporary role to play and get back to reality called soul's journey to hunt for its resting abode.
It is said that a child born is quite unaware of his surroundings and is in the adaptation mode to wait and watch the position or life he or she has received. ..With absorption of this world within, individuals start realising their given role in life and many of them crave for better role and many keen on maintenance of that role and even passing it on to their next generation is all that is being worried for.
In the process we tend to forget the purpose of each one being placed in a role to enhance their self within the given surroundings (role) and gradually promote to main roles where by they can fulfill the demands of that character.
To put this in our lives. ..each one with whatever assets we are born with is a start up to enhance our self to the level where we can bag the higher roles to feel worthy and special .The problem today is we all are eyeing towards that great role ( having name,  fame,  money) and are so deeply involved in rushing towards that that we seldom justify the original place we are actually in. Which implies if one person cannot fulfil his basic requirements of that given status is he or she worthy of that high status he /she aspires for?
To put it differently , when people who have resources cannot spare for society where millions are struggling to get basic needs fulfilled, the greed with which people accumulate and desire to pass it on to generations is a disease which will never let humans strive for the real purpose of life. That is where it can be well quoted that we are all leading REEL life and no one knows the meaning of REAL life. Having adopted a religious stand doesn't mean that people will start learning about essentials of again involves people in different ritualistic drama which is far away from soul learning. Each thing we have in life including religion,money, people ,etc is a tool to help us understand that ULTIMATE TRUTH but we all get trapped in these toys and keep playing with them until we die...
The REAL LIFE is rare to live and the only way we can learn is to study that self we actually are!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

WHY ME???(now)Better ,stronger ME (Later)

Life portrays this question to all of us time and again in a given episode WHY ME?  The devastated self,its helplessness to fight back and the worst evil....ACCEPTANCE of the fact leaves us hopeless.

The reason or situation could be anything from a failure in any area to death of a relationship or a victim of any calamity all these feel the same way and atleast once people question their to WHY ONLY ME????

In our routine course we do understand that one given situation at one or the other time will and would have hit many others but as a victim we do not want to consider the fact of all those others traumatised we only focus on  our self.

Its a common human tendency to self pity and sympathise but can we humans who softly tenderly massage their wounded aspects of life also form yet another habit to put forward this question of WHY ME?when showered with happy moments. ...

Well! Sounds good but how often have we genuinely felt that we dont deserve this happiness ..... NEVER .
Then we also ideally are not suppose to feel devastated on being given our part of sadness.

The debate is not on human tendencies the focus area is to not feel shattered in a given darkness of life. The therapeutic way to console self which indeed is the bare truth that Life after each such episode of WHY ME???
converts us into a person who has to be and feel a BETTER ME as the given event is a step and a process to discover the hidden strength we all possess to stand against and fight back the odds that have erupted .

Thus to conclude whenever you want to question Why Me ?  Say to self I am in the process to redefine the strong ME and emerge with greater human values....

Take care....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Complex with self is a complex life!!!

A COMPLEX in psychology would mean perception of self ,emotions etc..
Its this complex that creates millions of complexities in our lives...
Development of any complex is the outcome of any positive or negative aspect of a person given too much importance .......
The qualities be it good or bad that make a person is that individual s personality. .. Its possible to change some whereas some are non alterable...what is important is how we perceive those for creating a self image.

As each one is a blend of both positives and negatives we as humans get particularly attached of some specific quality and then the entire self picturization process starts and affects every aspect of our lives.

To start with someone in specific too concerned about a particular negative trait or an average recipient of any  thing say looks or skin colour or financial status or belonging to any special category (limb loss or organ damage )
;these can make a permanent impact on an individual psyche and will overlook all those abundant positive traits possessed by them and will remain under the dark shadow of these missing parts. The emotional perception that gave rise to an inferior feeling will never let them enjoy all wonderful aspects they already have.

The other type of perceiving self on the basis of those few with good fortune that may have of good intellect,looks,body , money has such a deep impact on people that they forget that they lack some basic other qualities needed to live and at times almost experience a denial mode of being in human race..this very high self perception is a superior complex which often wouldn't let people remain grounded and which also hampers their inter personal relationships.

There are then these highly self obsessed people who under some silly inferiority cover themselves with a fake superior image and fool themselves. ...for instance people who are self absorbed due to an inferiority and cannot tolerate other personalities often stay aloof and present themselves as a non social individual.

We all would again fall into both or all three categories to an extent but the most important thing is to realise and accept both positive and negative qualities we possess and try and create an honest self image to avoid falling into pits created by falsified self projections and lead a simple life and thus avoid complexities we raise for ourselves...

Love yourself....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spirit +Ritual =SPIRITUAL

Having attended two ceremonies side by side; one involved death and other marriage. .... both had its connection to soul..

Death involved soul departure where as marriage involved soul union but what was real was death ....I was not really sure about soul union within the marriage. ..

The astonishing facts were that both these events had lots of RITUALS involved in them.... the idea and logic which make these rituals so popular is the belief that it is essential for soul satisfaction and soul gratification. I said its a BELIEF!!!!

BELIEF is the most sensitive thing for any individual and we love our beliefs even more than ourselves. .the prime example is observation of strict rules and regulations as that is the belief which will get us closer to GOD. ..Now most of us aren't really enjoying all these regulations nor do we really understand but we follow under the pressure of BELIEFS.

I need to replace this word BELIEF with yet another strong word FAITH ..Faith is a remedy to avoid or defeat FEARS .Our faith in GOD or MESSENGER OF GOD is a reflection to our degree of fear factor.

The energy in UNIVERSE is the energy in our SOUL as we are suppose to be its part in bodily form...therefore a soul out from body will be one with universal energy and that in marriage is essentially merging of two energies. ..

The Rituals followed are right from the birth until death and there after (in some cultures) is for the soul ....therefore we humans are nothing but SPIRITUAL BEINGS which means this human form thus we are blessed with should practice a ritual of soul enhancing but what is happening is only and more so at physical level which mechanically involves set of activities termed as rituals..

A ritual for spirit should be the focus on this inner self  and only the self within can help in merging this soul energy with the universal energy ...that's what we term SPIRITUAL!
Which also will guide us through the physical lives we live and towards an end that is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

The sad aspect is that the RITUALS have become so dominant that SPIRIT IS FORGOTTEN for which all the pains are taken. Ritual performance can take a toll on people in every way as it involves a lot of physical and financial contribution but is that what is actually a SOUL NEED????

Let's ponder on this thought and understand why we follow so many things without an understanding and how can we enhance our very own self to get that spiritual content and feel blessed...