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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some crazy instincts that influence sexual orientation

Its normal, natural for some people to have homosexual tendencies but not for many others;

In a strange case study of mine I get this client around 24 years old who is a victim to get converted into homosexual. In his sexual life as a result of over viewing of porn he ends up experimenting with an older woman who out of her hidden homosexual desires creates an addiction to this very much normal hetrosexual young man to sleep wearing women's inner wear . The sad part here was that this man started loosing his male traits while being intimate and was completely confused of his actual sexual tendencies.

In another study where few very over enthusiastic young couples who again due to over absorption of porn start all sorts of experiments not only amongst the two but also indulge into swapping , three some, etc which turns them from hetrosexual to bisexual and in many cases later some may prefer being homosexuals.

Now these kind of cases forced me to think as to whether homosexual cases are all natural or are they the result of some episodes or were they the victims of some crazy experiments ?????

Sexual tendency if not clear can create havoc within a person and therefore its very very sad and non ethical to victimise someone for personal fantasies and hamper someone's self esteem.