Seek within....

Monday, February 2, 2015

How can we bring out the Desires into REALITIES ????


Deep down …there somewhere
Burning within is a fire
How can I define this??
Is it some hidden desire????

Wishes are long listed
Many are materialistic
But why this desire
Seems  more realistic???

I seldom  am able to express
To myself and this world
To rationalise is not easy though
But my heart knows I want it for sure

Each being seems like  a liar
Many have their selves they have hired
Why can we not admire
Those who live as they desire???

I but for sure know the force 
That is hidden in this Fire
Which can make all the elements  work
In fulfilment of MY DESIRE………


How is it that some people ACTUALLY get all that they DESIRE where as some are often DEJECTED...????

The Law Of Attraction works here  and it is not a very difficult process but its the way these desires are implanted into our minds.
Many a times when things don't work out as we have thought is mainly because the CONSCIOUS MIND  has a desire which is not fully accepted or registered into the VERY POWERFUL and DOMINANT....SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It is therefore this conflict between the conscious and the subconscious gives rise to the negativity and things don't materialize.

The Tip :

Any Desire that cannot give an individual a calm and peaceful feeling then its an indication of the subconscious mind that "BE CAREFUL....your desires are not matching up with mine "...and in such cases it should be modified for positive results.

A positive DESIRE will always show POSITIVE RESULTS.............