Seek within....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Have guts to follow the GUT ?????

Gut has no logic......
Mind has its reasoning power..
Thus.. The Intelligent Human that we consider ourselves as has started to become more and more rational each day.
Its indeed a development of mind but are we forgetting that Uncertainties can never be explained by convincing logic and we all face these at various points in life.
So what's right thing to do ???? Can we really be full proof in safeguarding all our needs especially being HAPPY only by using LOGIC??
Sadly NO.
Gut feeling is the Intuition that each one of us has ...we get this intuitive thought while your rationale mind rests but how many of us will go by this? ?? Unfortunately we have never shown the courage to follow this intuitive mind ...if people do ..majority of emotional and mental disharmony will be vanished. ..
Try reading your thoughts and believe them as that's where rests peace!
Look within. ....