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Monday, February 9, 2015

Want to be loved?learn to love the unwanted ....

As valentines day nears more couples emerge as all those who aspired to be with someone wouldn't want to go alone especially on valentines.
The thought that occurs to me is as the world celebrates the cupids day why is it so pressurising to individuals to be at a compulsion to get hooked on even if it is temporary. The superficial joy of being among the crowd that very celebration can leave you into a sad state later.
This is for all those singles who have an urge to be proposed by someone to be in relationship but are eventually not getting into one:
If you truly love yourself its seldom a compulsion to be loved by others.
And loving self can make others fall in love with you. ..
Most important -
Try spending the day and the money reserved for valentines with the underprivileged (who really seek love and compassion) and experience the joy to love ....the satisfied smiles given by you can be a more fruitful and divine experience to cherish ......