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Monday, February 23, 2015

No grudge!

Labels!!! Most common trait of human beings is to randomly start labelling and tagging someone at least they have known. 

The most important life skill I learnt while pursuing my Counselling Psychology Studies was perhaps the art of being non judgemental and the benefits derived from the same.

Having said that No,I am not free of opinions but because professionally I need to be judgement free I realised and noticed practically everyone has some tagging done for someone they know.
Having any good or bad experience with XYZ is only an event and not necessarily the truth. The day we all probably understand this reality we can refrain ourselves from being opinionated. 

It's human to share experiences and draw conclusions but the fact is we often try and rate people matching with our personalities and circumstances and the ultimate truth is EACH PERSONALITY & SITUATION IS UNIQUE thus its Sad and Irrational to form Grudge And trying to JUDGE.
Let's all try and just let people BE to enjoy We Being what we are!