Seek within....

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Soul wish....

Soul wish....
My soul has an infant  dream
A foolish yet a secret wish,
Living like a restless  being
Like breathing  without water some fish.
Some with looks, some with  wit
Nothing helped my inner self lit,
I  do not know if my other part
Is restless too on being apart...
My unexplored  paradise within
No one has its magic seen,
It is waiting  for its charming  prince
Peacefully  on his shoulders  to lean.
Many travelled till the door
As if glancing standing at shore,
No one could dare to drown in that sea
For pure a soul  can only drown within....
My means to merge deep
To gain  a spiritual  high,
A journey  from sole to soul
I  want to feel complete and whole.