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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Divinity is everywhere..... (cultivate the vision to view it, feel it)

Dear Readers,
Today, it was a major internal debate when I  struggled through the process of understanding the path to divinity... I come across  many enlightened  youngsters who have gained quite some self realizations and have strengthened themselves to stand by their decision which aren't  supported by society... Like not getting married or staying in live in relationships for purely  physical  and emotional  needs without a life long commitment  or tying knot but not in the need to procreate.... These people are worth the applaud as they have got the courage to take the stand to their conviction.
I belong to liberal  thoughts and  I seldom judge these young hearts, it takes  courage  to stick to the wants based on each individual  personality. It shows that these people  are clear  about themselves and are peak in awareness  which is a task  many  people don't  even know of and die after living like machines..
Most of these people who take tough stands have an excellent  SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT  and that  is  significant to their divine growth. It surprises me at times when I  wonder, I  was no naive  at that age but nevertheless, I  like my slow  baby steps  towards my SPIRITUAL  life.
The diversities that raise conflicts  are into the path people choose to follow in this journey. I  am probably heading  from a background where humans were given utmost  importance  not for their so called caste, creed, religion  or  communities  but they being humans... I  connect to people very quickly  and its  a pleasure  I experience in meeting  different  people as each has something to contribute in my growth. The sad element  which I personally  experience  in meeting  these people with bubbling energy is that they are in their own way living  in a bubble. It is amazing  to live in a self formed bubble until it gets badly pricked by external  environment.  The generation that is so  vibrant, so intelligent  and dynamic is getting  wasted  only because of their low tolerance  levels and denial issues.
The confidence which made them think  practically and  stand by their  thoughts slowly turned  them into arrogant  ones who can condemn the wrongs  around  but wouldn't  contribute  towards making it right...
Its again a universal  law where if dislike and intolerance of realities around aren't accepted in the right spirit, it might never  let you feel happy  in the space given  to  you.
It works something  like this, after deep Introspection  when life in its totality should be well understood  to reach an acceptance  level of why things operate the way they do. It is never a one man job to bring about a universal  change but it definitely  can give  a kick start  to  help others join in if we  wish to bring about a positive  change in the  society. To start  micro level work to see difference at macro level, it is very important  that we as individuals do not even start  priding over spiritual quotient  we have acquired as that itself is a big hindrance to further growth....
Its  similarities that need  to be considered  to start loving everyone and not the differences in even mindsets which can only distance us from humanity... This distance is an obstacle to the divine... Think about it....