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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Effective Communication with High EQ

Communication ...considered and believed to either create problems or end problems. ..

Where does your pattern belong???are you able to bring about solutions or create confusions by speaking? ????

The truth hidden behind your pattern is your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE or EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT (EI or EQ)

Unlike IQ ..which is God gifted..EQ is mouldable...which means we can develop EQ as high as we want....
The fact which was established that all those who are full of life and highly successful are a combination of 80% EQ and 20% IQ...This reflects the importance of EQ in our lives.

Basically a high EQ is helpful in following ways:
Understanding Our own emotions
Understanding others emotions
Management of our emotions
Management of our relationship with others.

All these create an individual's life the way they are existing. ..There is communication which is directly influenced by our emotions. ..not necessarily only verbal even non verbal communication which is often not in control speaks even louder than words! !!

So how do we communicate effectively to express honest emotions without offending others is a crucial art each one must develop.

Few steps to communicate well with emotional quotient :

1. Understand self emotions(feeling sad, happy,jealous, guilty,angry ,etc)

2. Put yourself into others shoes and try to perceive their possible emotions. ...

3. Manage self emotions (like if feeling angry. .try to first calm down after realisation of anger...)

4. Rehearse or plan to express your actual emotion in a very assertive manner and then actually speak up without fumbling or getting anxious or aggressive. ..(e.g. to express a dislike in behavior to someone you  say, "I understand that you have your reasons too but the way you behaved was offending and I am pretty much hurt. ")
This part is very important and  delicate ..if not delivered well can ruin things further. ..

This requires continuous practice and is an essential part to lead easy life...

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