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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wealth Accumulation Disorder

Greed as a Mental-Health Disorder

Greed can be traced to conflict in the unconscious mind.

Narcissism and greed produce personal and national self-sabotage.

People don’t have to be rich to have the disorder; greed about money is all it takes. As a psychiatric diagnosis, it could be called the Great Gatsby Syndrome or, better yet, Wealth Accumulation Disorder.

Both narcissism and greed have their roots in profound self-doubt. Narcissism is self-aggrandizement of the emotional kind, while greed is self-aggrandizement of the materialistic kind. Narcissism (when it occurs as pervasive grandiosity) is listed as a mental disorder in psychiatry’s diagnostic manual. Why not greed?
Narcissism and greed have other aspects in common. They both arise as disorders in people who, in their unconscious mind, are aligned with the conviction that they’re lacking in importance, significance, or value. Such people have difficulty feeling or accessing their own essential value. Instead, a deep negative sense of self contaminates their emotional life, and they resonate or identify with this inner default position.
Narcissists deny or cover up inner truth by believing, as they shower themselves in self-admiration, that they truly want admiration from others. Greedy individuals, meanwhile, believe they really want to feel value and worthiness, yet they go chasing after an illusion of value—materialistic self-aggrandizement—that can only deepen self-alienation.
All of us experience self-alienation at times.

Above lines are quoted by a mental health professional to which I need to support a few facts I observed while studying these cases...

Accumulated wealth is not only creating a mental sickness to the primary individual but also his family as the very sense that funds are lying in lots to either exploit it totally in yet other bodily pleasures or accumulate further more.

The sickening can be traced out by following traits seen in such people:

1. The idea that they can be in demanding position is often an urge behind fund accumulation.
2. The constant fear of negative things happening in future leaves them panicked and pushes toward more money.
3.The followers list is something these people crave for....they know that if not their inbuilt ability but wealthy status will pull more and more people towards them.
4. And the WORST OUTCOME. .. as money pulls more money by wealth growth planning. becomes a habit to indulge into all or many unethical activities including womanising,  gambling, alcohol,  drugs etc as deep within the loneliness is creeped up.....

Having wealth is not criminal but the greed to have more and more is definitely dangerous as the disorder results in non functionality of balanced mind to skilfully use money for society as well...

Let's ponder on this. ...