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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Soft personality = bottled up anger

How many of you really think that people who do not express anger do not experience anger? ????

The truth is that Anger is an important emotion which is very very natural to all humans.  Anger is experienced by each one of us in different ways and circumstances. ....The most common reason for anger is un fulfillment of desires could also arise when unmatched views have to operate in unison or at times when inbuilt thoughts and apprehensions aren't well perceived by on and so forth.

As a general tendency we  only draw judgements about people from their behaviour and those who are expressive of their anger are termed as aggressive and rest as composed. Only a more deeper and explicit study of these composed people will highlight their part of anger which is well bottled up.

Societal point of view these individuals are well mannered, balanced people who seldom create any chaos due to their anger but its extremely harmful for these individuals and their family members to face its ill effects later.

Any emotion ,if not expressed (in an assertive way ) or vented out can have devastating effects on the mental and physical health of such people .The fact that if anger as an emotion has creeped in the system if not
Cautiously removed will slowly and gradually make its way deep within the subconscious where most of our productive thoughts emerge. ..those thoughts that help in better life experiences are sabotaged and that results in developing health issues....(both mental and physical)

People with such extreme rope walking trait who are very very alert in non aggressive behaviour are usually those who are living in a denial mode that they never get upset and have an urge to lead a life with an image of very calm and composed individual...this so called respect gaining attribute proves fatal when life challenging health ailments hit them or they loose mental control towards the fag end of their lives....

I thus would end with a plead here that let's accept anger too as a natural element and rather than letting it settle into our systems let's learn a way to vent it out using various psychological techniques. ....
In this health conscious era today ....why ignore Mental Health? ???

Stay Fit and Happy.....