Seek within....

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quick fixes leads to quick wear offs. ..

As the trend goes. ..its an era of quick fixes. ..
Quick solutions are in peak demand for any so called problems. it weight loss or skin care or broken vehical or be it a disturbed marriage or relationship. ...

People today are born with impulsive trait. ..which essentially has a feature to get us a very rapid and instant solution to most of our issues it material or emotional. ...

Technology with its tremendous progress has enslaved all of us so badly that  we all want everything here and now...

To give instances. ...every professional to repair a gadget  or this body is just a phone call away .....thus  patience is not practiced at all..

In reality the damage caused is not by these quickly available food and professionals but when human emotions too are tuned to quickly falling in and out of love. options are available everywhere. ..
The puberty phase that makes kids fall in love which in reality is nothing but a hormonal act of life makes them ruin careers and later end into quick breakoffs that land them into emotional trauma and a few such episodes lead to a generalisation about the entire concept of love and the other destructive field of addiction (substances like drugs,alcohol,etc) captures them .

The way relishing a meal for a good amount of time...a course wise dinner would lead to a more fulfilling experience and a happy mind. .people need to understand that giving reasonable time to relationship without getting into fast flowing experiments and thrills in togetherness will help sustain the bond of interest for long.
A relationship should grow with you and should bring those hidden potential out from one another which will take that union to a different level altogether.

Don't exploit each other so hastily that the bond becomes aimless to carry on further especially during those rough patches of life where true Integrity is seen. insight that relationship is not about partying and playing and excursions. ..its about growth as humans... is needed.

Let's enjoy the journey slowly. ..