Seek within....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Set you free and you are mine!

We come across thousands of people in our lives ....we forget some,  we become friends with a few and rest are all acquaintances but sometimes there we bang into an individual who can be neither be a plain acquaintance nor can remain just a friend and can neither be forgotten and can definitely not take any place in our lives as a societal do we deal with these soft areas in our lives? ???

First we find extremely hard to supress the emotional attachment that starts off as a wave and it's stormy effect can shaken up the well settled physical lives...then the phase comes which has a compelling idea to express it out without considering the consequences of the same on both individuals and their surroundings. is this testifying period that requires utmost endurance and self study to understand if that connect with a stranger is at which level...physical or emotional. ...given a loose end we are normal humans who can nothing but end up expressing it all at a physical level but the fact is it will fade away as soon as the physical connect is accomplished and very few such encounters find that spiritual connect....

To feel the soul and go beyond the superficial expression its very important to hold your affection within....selflessly love the other soul and let time express the strength that your bond shows and wouldn't care if you physically have that person with you or not...both of you will always be of prime importance for one another.
The insecured self of ours will never allow us to let go of that person but the astonishing and magical part is that if that is your twin soul ....(a connect at  soul level) you have that soul all yours once you set them free.
That's the most divine and peaceful feeling and you develop a new definition of LOVE.....