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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Deal With DEPRESSION Don't let it Dominate You!

If you can read this or not ....if u have emotions you can very well have depression once in lifetime.
If its not diagnosed it doesn't mean anyone has escaped it rather it means it was either ignored or not a clinical one to have surfaced.

This isn't an attempt to create havoc over DEPRESSION but a strong attempt at bringing upon an awareness to all existing on this planet that its not uncommon to feel depressed and how do we recognise it and effectively deal with the same.

THINKING TOO MUCH is directly related to ENCOUNTERING DEPRESSION.  That doesn't mean we stop thinking ...that's our UNIQUENESS of being humans but what we miss out on is that we do not realize the time our routine thoughts converted into depressed thoughts until we find ourselves :

Staying aloof
Not enjoying things we did before
Eating excessively too less or too much
Sleeping too less or too much
Feeling constantly anxious
Getting bouts of shame and guilt
Taking irrational decisions. ..

Some or all of the above signs which affects our routine functions are an indication that we are mentally over exhausted and it needs some focus.

Stigmatised attitude is not uncommon in any society towards many ailments especially mental ailments but then it's sad that people who stigmatise others feel they are fine ...infact that's a major SICKNESS which blocks minds of people with such narrow attitude.

Stigma issues are difficult but living with depression is even worst.Therefore, supporting and backing people with depression is an act of divinity as it leads to making someone Relive their lives.

Like well understood facts ,depressed people do feel that their creative or supremely different thoughts are not understood by others when they start to feel unwanted and it is thus required of others in society to have a sensitive outlook towards people and an alert mind which can not only prevent people feeling more down but can also provide right direction and encourage to take timely help and not for anyone but for all those who gave up the desire to live start LIVING EACH MOMENT.