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Friday, April 10, 2015

Self pity ???? A road to self destruction


Why Me?????
Is the question we often ask ourself after any unfortunate incident in our lives .That time we center our entire focus on the devastated self within and feel most unwanted ,undeserving element of this universe. Whether its an emotional hurt or a major physical or material loss or all of these we start to mourn over our poor little self.

By weeping out and crying over the episode we are essentially venting it out but one should try and not cross that thin line which takes us to that quick sand of darkness created within by us.

Many times our so called near and dear ones too after a period if try to shower us with their empathetic words which give rise to that pitiful state again there is a sign of caution here:::
Do not let any one intrude into that will power of yours which will help you live again.

Therefore here are few do's and don't s to prevent this SELF PITY in creating any road towards mental sickness and a BREATHING DEAD BODY:

Vent out the SADNESS created by an episode and look out for future opportunities.

The positive growth indicated with a negative incident is more important to applaud for.

Avoid meeting /talking  or encountering any medium which leads us to that sad moment again and which discourages your strength to live again/ fight again.

A bit of past:
Hellen keller had all the valid reason to give up the desire to live ....if she can live , give sumthing to this society ; most of us are in a much better state.

Stay happy ...