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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Perfection is a Myth !!!

Picture perfect!!!
Yes,somewhere we all desire to be or to have a life which is flawless.
If not life,then at least there's a strong push and desire to create a PERFECT HUMAN CHARACTER of people around us.
I need not pick anyone else;it was a trait I have lived with.
Hard to believe for many readers here but yes talking about SELF on a platform that gives access to all is only the best way to explain this fact.
Living a life trying to create people and ambience to that picture perfect standards have taken a toll and inspite all the time and effort put I still couldn't achieve that satisfying state and was in constant stress and eventually loosing self confidence of not being able to achieve it all.

Better Late Than Never !!! Fortunately some wisdom entered into me and there was a timely realisation that PERFECTION IS A MYTH! And this fact is in itself  self explanatory . I am not too happy to see people going crazy over that perfect state as I know they are chasing an illusion.
Let's focus on children who are or who are made so perfect in their way by so called perfection striving parenting that if all goes well in their training there's something called as natural disasters which many a times play a villian in damaging that skillfully created perfect picture. We often forget that what we are trying to create best is after all LIFE ; that is beyond human control we really make it flawless????think about it..
Anything that is flawless is lifeless!!!!!
As life is bound to change and change means things and traits being misplaced. ...

Therefore, I learnt after some wastage of time but many spend their entire lives to create that perfection. .

Strive to achieve goals but let your goals be realistic and let's try to create a vision to see amazing thrill and beauty that imperfection can bring along.

Enjoy living an adventurous life !!!!!