Seek within....

Friday, January 16, 2015

I am the SPIRIT ...with a Human Body!
We all as HUMANS are so deeply absorbed in Human Body that we often forget the most crucial element that makes us enjoy all the Bodily Pleasures of this Human Being.Its Very Unfortunate that we only realise the importance of what makes Us what we are when we are about to loose it..

You guessed it right ..its this LIFE (Spirit)
If our body is blended with this SOUL for LIVING why not experience each act in routine to experience that spiritual self and there is no NEED to follow the conventional methods of attaining spirituality i.e. by meditating,chanting etc.

Follow these simple steps and feel your inner self.....
1)Go slow...enjoy each activity be it sipping your morning tea, jogging,reading,etc
2)Don't ignore or neglect your feelings....accept them...understand them
3)Do not take your chronological age so seriously ..encounter the child within from time to time
4)Relate to others happiness and sadness as your own to be true to yourself..