Seek within....

Friday, January 9, 2015

Soul Goal or sole goal????

There are times I am forced to think as to what is it that Man is craving for????? 

Is it Money? ??? Sex???? Health ????  Family?????

All answers can be appropriate time to time but the question is what is the underlying element that is derived OR what is the force to RUN  behind or chase these ....

the answer is ............PEACE!!!!!!

How do we define this so called simple yet most rare intangible object PEACE?????

Peace in layman terms means " the feeling after accomplishment of set goals and targets ....absence of ANXIETY "

Why do people say "MAY HIS/HER SOUL REST IN PEACE "

One logic that explains this is that while ALIVE the soul is usually RESTLESS....
Thus why that HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIP ,Etc couldn't help in experiencing the eternal PEACE?????