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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Know the truth but....NO to accept!

I KNOW  YOU !  This feel erupts in life at critical time when one bangs into a stranger in most unexpected situation and feels a CONNECT at SOUL level. The realization however happens when you are about to depart. The strange frequency that matches with someone where no other fact of life matches has an electrifying effect on both the people.
Its seldom seen anything ideal about such two souls that can match up to something in acceptable worldly norms but the invisible cord has a strong tie among both .
I have met many people who want to show case these ties and spend their lives with their twin souls which they have discovered but they often cannot as they are tied up in societal bonds. .THEN WHY DO PEOPLE ENCOUNTER ANY SUCH EXPERIENCE ?????

It's Very Simple,
People have these experiences to lift their spiritual levels up there..
Its very confusing thus let me explain;
Encountering such experiences when it cannot get any materialistic conversion or rather societal acceptance is a SIGN to start falling in SELFLESS LOVE..which an individual never does but such  a heart stirring feeling leaves one with no choice but to LOVE yet NOT DEMAND LOVE and give your best.
Isn't this a High Spiritual Experience By Itself????

Think about it....

This post demands individual comments and experience s....