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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Cancer in the breast gland

The word lobular stands for cancer (cell growth) in the breast gland. It is caused by unexpected and dramatic worry or argument conflict. In the conflict phase there is cell growth of the breast gland cells. 
The biological purpose is this: If somebody needs my tenderness and care more milk is produced to give the “nutrition” in the situation. It is a completely normal process during a pregnancy. If and when you solve the conflict the whole organism switches to the regeneration phase. Then the tumour is destroyed with the help of mycobacteria. There is pain, swelling and odour. If there aren’t enough with myco bacteria, then the body encapsulates it. Cancer in the Breast Ducts Cancer in the breast ducts is in the layer that forms the walls of the breast glands. It is caused by a unexpected and dramatic separation conflict, when for instance an individual is being separated from a partner, parents, child or home. 
In the conflict phase there is cellular destruction in the breast which causes loss of sensitivity, the biological reason is to be better equipped to cope with the separation. In the regeneration phase there is cell growth to build up what was lost during the conflict phase, which leads to intensive swelling behind the nipple, inflammation, enlargement and hypersensitivity. 
After this healing the breast ducts are stronger than before. Findings of a Study Events like divorce, to be made redundant, or the passing away of a family member are associated with a higher risk that those affected by it develop breast cancer. (American journal of Epidemiology 2003;157:415-423) 

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 The facts stated above might not hold true in every case but lets not forget that Psyche and Emotions form a major aspect of an Individual which undergo turbulent phases in this life span .All sorts of emotions are natural to human beings but venting out the negative ones is a crucial daily process which is as important as exhaling carbon dioxide or having a healthy digestive system. Combined with major other environmental and physical factors we SHOULD NOT IGNORE EMOTIONAL FACTORS that secretly contribute to the development of this deadly illness. As a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT ,I advise my clients to on a regular basis pen down their routine daily emotions which might be an unknown cause to further aggravate the building of emotional baggage leading to these issues.

Life will never be steady...UPs and DOWN s form the pattern of life  but if DOWN s aren't managed  well it leads to not only mental illnesses but illness that lead to DANGEROUS physical ailments ....Thus...lets take charge of our selves...and maintain a balanced mind that would help non aggravation of many physical sicknesses.