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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Old = BOLD ....let's unfold the truths of dating older men /women

Young girls getting attracted to older men has an old history and to name a few aspects that encourage such relationships are financial security, more matured mentally and sexually ,etc but the new tendency of men getting carried away by older women is what's worth peeping in for this day....

Like the two factors that were prominent in dating older men ...applies to older women more weight being given to the sexuality and approach they carry along.
JLo ,Demi Moore who ve had partners a way too younger to them say something bold about these women. ...their independent lifestyle and their emotional maturity plays a very vital role in attracting young men towards them. 

Men today are more liberal,open minded and less egoist which enables them to appreciate and look upon a lady achiever with respect and accept that as her ability. ..many a times the respect factor turns into emotional bondage and end up into physical encounters. ..but the hard fact is many a times it is sheer physical attractions that lead to being in relationship.

The focus here is not majorly on factors responsible for such ties but how far these relatrelationships survive ???

Statistically, all combination of relationships have their high and low numbers but such ones where too high age difference is the most disturbing truth in shattered lives.

Among all the juicy facts associated with older women. ..a bold outlook, a stable mindset ,an independent thought process and physical awareness of needs it surely sounds worth a try but but after what people never think of...

Is life after all those amazing explorations going to be worth sticking around with where goals goals. ...soul goals come on surface..

Again,  talking about soulmates if one feels having found in one another (such odd combination s) is yet another topic to discuss about; but being into human form how sensible is it to get into a relationship where apart from a few enchanting factors to get you together there are hundreds more to get you apart??? Give it a thought.

The idea to elaborate and touch upon this issue was to make an effort to make people realise the grounded realities that isn't any fairy tale which can help in long lasting and happy survival of such relationships...

Thus.  is very natural to get mesmerised into someone (most of the boys are in love with their pretty teachers during puberty. ...) it doesn't  mean that  it has to be carried forward to another can create many disturbances to the existing life  for a zero future..... all my lovely readers.....keep in mind :

Fall in love...don't get collapsed !!!!