Seek within....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spirit +Ritual =SPIRITUAL

Having attended two ceremonies side by side; one involved death and other marriage. .... both had its connection to soul..

Death involved soul departure where as marriage involved soul union but what was real was death ....I was not really sure about soul union within the marriage. ..

The astonishing facts were that both these events had lots of RITUALS involved in them.... the idea and logic which make these rituals so popular is the belief that it is essential for soul satisfaction and soul gratification. I said its a BELIEF!!!!

BELIEF is the most sensitive thing for any individual and we love our beliefs even more than ourselves. .the prime example is observation of strict rules and regulations as that is the belief which will get us closer to GOD. ..Now most of us aren't really enjoying all these regulations nor do we really understand but we follow under the pressure of BELIEFS.

I need to replace this word BELIEF with yet another strong word FAITH ..Faith is a remedy to avoid or defeat FEARS .Our faith in GOD or MESSENGER OF GOD is a reflection to our degree of fear factor.

The energy in UNIVERSE is the energy in our SOUL as we are suppose to be its part in bodily form...therefore a soul out from body will be one with universal energy and that in marriage is essentially merging of two energies. ..

The Rituals followed are right from the birth until death and there after (in some cultures) is for the soul ....therefore we humans are nothing but SPIRITUAL BEINGS which means this human form thus we are blessed with should practice a ritual of soul enhancing but what is happening is only and more so at physical level which mechanically involves set of activities termed as rituals..

A ritual for spirit should be the focus on this inner self  and only the self within can help in merging this soul energy with the universal energy ...that's what we term SPIRITUAL!
Which also will guide us through the physical lives we live and towards an end that is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

The sad aspect is that the RITUALS have become so dominant that SPIRIT IS FORGOTTEN for which all the pains are taken. Ritual performance can take a toll on people in every way as it involves a lot of physical and financial contribution but is that what is actually a SOUL NEED????

Let's ponder on this thought and understand why we follow so many things without an understanding and how can we enhance our very own self to get that spiritual content and feel blessed...