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Thursday, June 18, 2015

WHY ME???(now)Better ,stronger ME (Later)

Life portrays this question to all of us time and again in a given episode WHY ME?  The devastated self,its helplessness to fight back and the worst evil....ACCEPTANCE of the fact leaves us hopeless.

The reason or situation could be anything from a failure in any area to death of a relationship or a victim of any calamity all these feel the same way and atleast once people question their to WHY ONLY ME????

In our routine course we do understand that one given situation at one or the other time will and would have hit many others but as a victim we do not want to consider the fact of all those others traumatised we only focus on  our self.

Its a common human tendency to self pity and sympathise but can we humans who softly tenderly massage their wounded aspects of life also form yet another habit to put forward this question of WHY ME?when showered with happy moments. ...

Well! Sounds good but how often have we genuinely felt that we dont deserve this happiness ..... NEVER .
Then we also ideally are not suppose to feel devastated on being given our part of sadness.

The debate is not on human tendencies the focus area is to not feel shattered in a given darkness of life. The therapeutic way to console self which indeed is the bare truth that Life after each such episode of WHY ME???
converts us into a person who has to be and feel a BETTER ME as the given event is a step and a process to discover the hidden strength we all possess to stand against and fight back the odds that have erupted .

Thus to conclude whenever you want to question Why Me ?  Say to self I am in the process to redefine the strong ME and emerge with greater human values....

Take care....