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Friday, June 26, 2015

Are we leading a reel life or real life?

Many a times we all would have heard somewhere that this life we have is a stage performance and that the almighty is the director. There are times when we encounter deaths ,we are all in a position to realise this fact and we understand that indeed we have this temporary role to play and get back to reality called soul's journey to hunt for its resting abode.
It is said that a child born is quite unaware of his surroundings and is in the adaptation mode to wait and watch the position or life he or she has received. ..With absorption of this world within, individuals start realising their given role in life and many of them crave for better role and many keen on maintenance of that role and even passing it on to their next generation is all that is being worried for.
In the process we tend to forget the purpose of each one being placed in a role to enhance their self within the given surroundings (role) and gradually promote to main roles where by they can fulfill the demands of that character.
To put this in our lives. ..each one with whatever assets we are born with is a start up to enhance our self to the level where we can bag the higher roles to feel worthy and special .The problem today is we all are eyeing towards that great role ( having name,  fame,  money) and are so deeply involved in rushing towards that that we seldom justify the original place we are actually in. Which implies if one person cannot fulfil his basic requirements of that given status is he or she worthy of that high status he /she aspires for?
To put it differently , when people who have resources cannot spare for society where millions are struggling to get basic needs fulfilled, the greed with which people accumulate and desire to pass it on to generations is a disease which will never let humans strive for the real purpose of life. That is where it can be well quoted that we are all leading REEL life and no one knows the meaning of REAL life. Having adopted a religious stand doesn't mean that people will start learning about essentials of again involves people in different ritualistic drama which is far away from soul learning. Each thing we have in life including religion,money, people ,etc is a tool to help us understand that ULTIMATE TRUTH but we all get trapped in these toys and keep playing with them until we die...
The REAL LIFE is rare to live and the only way we can learn is to study that self we actually are!