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Monday, September 28, 2015

No secrets????.... No thrills???? Really???

As a teenager , I  started to have my set of secrets right from my crushes to my friends  relationships....Fortunately  or unfortunately  I  never was in any relationship  to feel the need for additional  baggage  of carrying  secrets but now  since last few years I  was pondering  upon a thought  as to why was the  need or why should  people do that???
Now  as a psychologist, when  people  open up to quite  an extent , its so hard to understand  that why  having a parallel  secret life commonly  existing.

On a deep thought, I  realized  that its a personality  issue at times and at times a confidence issue but the bitter truth is that  this leads  to many psychological  and mental problems later.

I  would often as a kid sneak out to watch movies  if I  wasn't  permitted  but have never  really  enjoyed watching  with total  fun as deep within  guilt would keep me disturbed. The  inner disturbances  then would  lead  to looking  out for further fun and recreation  to wipe out the guilt. This can get into a viscous  cycle  of lying , getting  disturbed  and further lying  to seek solution  for  disturbances...

Having  realised this as an important  reason  for  inner peace destruction  I  vowed  to stay secret free but when I  find others  who do crazy unethical  stuffs without  any so called need just because  having  everything  under the sky but without  effort isn't  giving  them enough  thrill, its sad.

We humans  want  to live in society  as per its norms  but want to explore  things without  boundaries  and  this  conflicting  state  gives an enough reason  for  people  to run a parallel  secret life with a clean existing  visible  life.

Fulfilment  of all basic needs should ideally take us to next level to do something  towards  the society  but with our goals so very much surrounding  our own bodily needs we seldom wish to walk  an extra mile to feel genuinely  thrilled  having worked  towards a social cause...

Therefore , at  every stage be confident  in your thoughts  and actions  to help  you  in living  a transparent  life as a concealed  secret life with  momentary  thrill will take you to a disastrous  future.

Take care.