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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Am Always RIGHT! !!!!

I ,The Personal Pronoun I!

I is the most important element in this Universe and the weakest of all also reflect the strongest of "I".

Often we find ourselves justifying our point even after the apparent conflict is over but we fail to realise that we have given rise to internal conflict.

To make it more explanatory ;

Every moment or many times we undergo many differences with people around us ,be it personal or professional. All of us have a personality formed influenced by our cultures,education, intellect ,environment and experiences. These factors have a very strong hold over our thought processes which generally work in a set direction and at every stage in life we feel we have gained the ultimate knowledge from which we form firm blocks. ....these blocks close our mental doors to any conflicting yet innovative thought presented by someone ....this is when the urge to pour out our valuable belief is at its peak. Most of us even end up doing that but what is the outcome? ????

If people agree with us we feel elevated and more we firmly tighten our belief systems but ....If someone who disagrees;  we as humans cannot bear the EGO being challenged. ..intellect, etc being questioned  to which our emotions get deeply affected and a simple discussion or episode becomes conflicting. ...

The conflict thus ended even if was favoured in our interest after the storm of emotions poured out over the simple thing "I  AM RIGHT" raising an Internal conflict with self as it's this intellect that needs a stamp ....SOUL IS NOT EVEN CONCERNED with what's the conflict leading to.....

To put it in simple words. ...All Our Achievements ,Recognitions are for this societal approval of our existence ,the core self is not affected by our superficial acts thus I AM RIGHT really shouldn't have any impact on our peace within. ...
Approved or disapproved  by others if internal peace is stable then YOU ARE RIGHT,ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!