Seek within....

Friday, November 4, 2016

quotes from my heartbeats

A pond of lotus, happily intakes mud
Some fully bloomed some emerged as buds
Each has its beauty and each has its load
Some  die in pond, some offered to GOD...

The ones in pond are duty bound
Those in temple are for ritual found,
Both are victim's of nature and nurture
Flowers are beautiful in any culture....

So are humans, trees, animals and  birds
Why rank them into useful and nerds? 
Each one acts as per their limits set
Most of us die due to our desires unmet...

Desire is nothing but a distractive toy
Gives momentary pleasure not an eternal joy
My ultimate need is to get dissolved in me
All I want is to see the  divinity in every being...

My love, my madness, my reflection  is you
I love myself more when see myself in you,
You made me taste the nectar of this feel,
When I see you smile, it brings me peace within...

Without a touch you made way to my soul
I feel so precious, so complete and whole,
Each vibe of yours hits me like a wave
I need no words, nothing more I crave...

I let my emotions flow in my words
For  I don't want to cage you like a bird,
I want to see you fly, to meet your sky,
I want my happiness to flow through my eye..
I might  get lost in this time machine
Never would  I disappear from your heart within
How can my love leave your inner child
Whenever you think of me, I  hope you smile....