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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Soul- mate( mating of souls)

Souls ????  
Like I always say is thought of only when an individual  dies.....  The very thing that makes us what  we are is talked of when we aren't.... Isn't  it ironical?

I always  wondered  at the term  called soul mates  and it somewhere only  pointed  out towards  the life partner... As a fact life partner  is seldom  a soul  choice, its a practical  choice  and a societal need..... This does not  mean that all couples are into a compromised  relationships  but there  are very rare cases which are soul connected....

I was more and more  curious  to understand  that  if life partner  is a soul mate then why multiple  relationships  to find that  missing part within..

There are people  with excellent  sex life with their spouses also, keen enough on their hunt for other partners.... What  is that  missing  area within which pulls one towards others whilst in a permanent  relationship?????

Every individual  here born with a soul  and body... The bodily  needs are so much focused  upon all their  lives  that  the vaccum at  soul level is still not filled... Its basically  this body that should using  its feeling  capacity that  needs to find soul satisfying  mate and enhance the inner self...

In this population  of millions  and  trillions  how will anyone  ever find that.????

I am dealing with multiple cases where there are weird  ways in which people  have banged into one another and are pulled into each other.... Not only  that.. These people have contributed  excellently in uplifting  each others lives and have made them understand  the real facts of life.

People  who are attracted  to each other feel they have met their soul mates but its often a superficial  belief  that  captures minds.. It takes  a while  to understand  if that  individual  is a soul mate????

Typically  not  easily  there is a possibility  for these  two  to get together...
There are n number  of hurdles  and  facts that  will cause hindrance  in their meeting.
The typical  thing here is  there is a selfless attraction towards that person and it's  not  logical  by  any means..
Also , these two once having met  will look out for  reasons to keep in touch... Will not leave their side.. (could be in fighting  mode too)

Last but not the least  after encountering each other.... All other relationships and partners (if any)  cannot create that impact.... There is an unsaid realisation  of the final search being accomplished....

This might sound  absurd to many  readers and I  respect  each ones views but at least a point to ponder here will be why after a completely  settled life  too there is an unknown  restlessness  within most of the  people?????
Take care.....