Seek within....

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's use the APP called Appreciation! !!

APP as in applications we are soo very much used to having in our gadgets ....let's download some great one's in life among which primarily stands this wonderful App called APPRECIATION....

APPRECIATION  necessarily means BEING THANKFUL and acknowledging the good things happening with us and in our lives. Its very simple and easy to keep cribbing about our issues which most of the times are self created and the fact is that complaints will never solve an issue....thus its a very easy technique to get rid of complaints that we have from our lives by following these steps:

1.whatever or who so ever is the cause of our issues has to be imagined being absent in our lives.

2. The benefits or basic existence of elements arising out of that individual should be taken into serious consideration. 

3. We as individuals should use the given intellect and think in other perspective. 

4. Out of all the perspectives we definitely will have atleast one which  will give  us a solace and a feel good factor.

Therefore the bottom line is that the APPRECIATION OF GOOD THINGS AND PEOPLE WILL ADD ONLY PEACE IN OUR LIVES and Complaining will only cause us the pain...lets start using this APP NOW!!!!